What We Grow
At Sarale Farms, our reputation for excellence and consistency has allowed us, over the past 40 years, to focus on our buyers specific needs and exceed their expectations.

Our main product is Asparagus. We harvest asparagus from March to June, depending on weather and market conditions. It is the first vegetable out of the ground in the spring when we are all looking forward to something fresh from the farm.

When this time of year comes around, we get excited watching for the spears to come bursting out of ground. Asparagus normally starts growing early March every year depending on Mother Nature.

We also produce flavor packed, nutritionally dense tomatoes, that are naturally and safely grown.

We harvest at their peak of ripeness and provide the canneries with a quality product which is later processed into a number of tomato or tomato based products.

Along with our mainline vegetable harvest, Sarale Farms also is a leader among ‘California Delta Region’ grain corn producers.

Sarale Farms also grows and harvests the finest alfalfa hay and other grain crops in the area depending on the season.

We offer personalized service to meet your exact specifications, reasonable deadlines, and are flexible to meet your changing needs.
Contact Address
Sarale Farms, Inc.
2762 North Tracy Blvd
Tracy, CA 95376
(209) 943-2079